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17 Dec

Everyone has a story. Growing up in Essex and a passion for music has led to dubstep fans Stevey Porter and Kieran Wilson signing up the artists they want to download and setting up a residency at Finsbury Park’s island music venue, Silver Bullet. Interview by Nicola Baird

Stevey Porter and Kieran Wilson – founders of Route1audio – a record label, club night and TV channel.

Stevey Porter and Kieran Wilson – founders of Route1audio – a record label, blog, club night and TV channel.

Stevey Porter, 28, & Kieran Wilson, 27, spot me in the Park Theatre first – despite both wearing identical white Ts with the logo emblazoned on the front during an interval of Jack & the Beanstalk which sees the normally sedate bar fill with over-excited children. It’s good to be finding out more about their independent record label, route1audio – which focuses on bass music around 140 beats per minute (bpm).

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 13.10.50 (1)

Kieran Wilson. Pic credit Mark Davies

“It’s dubstep,” says Kieran, “but our dubstep is not massive arenas and huge flashing lights.” He takes out his ipad and scrolls to one of the songs they’ve just put out on their first year anniversary seven-track vinyl sampler (and 13 track digital album). It’s a melodic song, no words, that’ll be liked by dub, reggae or jazz fans.

“We were both massive fans of Joss Ryan. We wanted people like him, and within a year of Route1audio he’s signed something to the label and performed at our first birthday event,” says Stevie (here’s a taster of the track Modesty).

Red Bull bike champion in Finsbury Park at the gig.

Red Bull bike champion in Finsbury Park at the gig with Kieran’s brother, Connor Wilson.

The celebration was held at Silver Bullet, a cosy bar on Finsbury Park island opposite the tube station. “People were talking as they smoked outside in the street telling passers-by “ ‘this is good, you should come in’,” says Stevey. “The atmosphere was really good,” adds Kieran “and my brother spotted Danny MacAskill*, the Red Bull sponsored mountain biker going past, so we asked him in.

“We’ve agreed to do our nights quarterly. The next one will be around March.”


Silver Bullet for Route 1 Audio's anniversary birthday. Pic credit mark Davies

Silver Bullet for Route 1 Audio’s anniversary birthday – next gig will be around March 2015. Pic credit Mark Davies

Places Stevey & Kieran like in Islington

Stevey & Kieran: The Silver Bullet (on Finsbury Park island) needs an honorary shout. It’s a really good place and open really late.
Stevey: I went to see a gig in the Union Chapel not long ago. It’s an awesome place.
Kieran: There’s a tiny bar along the high street near Angel, the Ladybird, that I like. I stumbled across it looking for somewhere to have a drink after a meal. It’s a really good place, laid back with cocktails and decent music.
Stevey & Kieran: We’ve just come from the American Diner. There are branches in Camden, Hoxton and off Essex Road. It’s for secret fat people: a place to get pancakes and bacon, chips and root beer.

Stevey. Pic credit mark Davies

Stevey Porter. Pic credit Mark Davies

Both Stevey and Kieran grew up in Essex, respectively Loughton and Romford, and studied music technology but it’s not until November (2013) when they were in their mid 20s that they set up Route1 audio. Over the year they’ve become highly proficient at running their record label business off their laptops and phones. “We did our first release in January 2014 and the new compilation is our fifth release. Plus we’ve got five more in the pipeline over the next few months,” adds Stevey.

R1A_LogoNow that Route1audio has a regular slot at the Silver Bullet they’re keen to know Islington better. In fact Stevey’s dad was born at the Whittington hospital though his family soon moved to Hoxton. Kieran, an Arsenal fan, associates Finsbury Park with freedom… once he’d started studying at college in Hackney he’d come over to N4 to DJ on Heat FM the pirate radio station run alongside a collection of MCs and DJs from a tiny flat up a flight of stairs in a tiny back room. “The first 16 years of my life all I knew was Romford, so coming out of there and seeing all the rest of London just reminds me of my first experiences of the world! Heat FM was a great way to build up a reputation – and there was no social media then. The most we had was a Nokia 3210 so you could text a radio station to get a shout out!”

With a residency at the Silver Bullet, tracks from their favourite artist and plans for five new releases in 2015 – plus their own TV channel it looks certain that Stevey and Kieran are going to take Route1Audio exactly where they want to go.

Route1audio 7 track sampler – vinyl £10 (comes with full digital version) or digitally (on line, prices vary but approx. £7-8)

Digital Release Links

Vinyl Pre-Order





Danny MacAskill is famous for tricks (eg, on and off a red phone box), see the video of his journey from Edinburgh to home on the Isle of Skye here

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  1. Stevey December 17, 2014 at 1:24 pm #

    Big Thanks!!! Stevey

  2. monkixx December 17, 2014 at 1:24 pm #

    Big Thanks for the interview!! 🙂

    • nicola baird blogs December 17, 2014 at 1:25 pm #

      Hi Stevey and Kieran – great to meet you guys and find out all about what you are up to. Nicola

  3. monkixx December 17, 2014 at 1:25 pm #

    Reblogged this on This Is Monkixx and commented:
    My Label Route 1 Audio! We got interviewed recently by the Islington Faces Blog!! Big thanks!!

  4. Geography Police February 13, 2016 at 10:17 am #

    Romford was removed from Essex in 1965. Ever since Romford has been in London, in the London Borough of Havering in east London.

    • nicola baird blogs February 13, 2016 at 10:38 am #

      Thank you for your visit Geography Police! I guess the old Essex and Middlesex boundaries keep you busy righting wrongs. London still feels like a lot of villages – each very distinct (eg, like Islington). One thing about Romford is that it has it’s own special character, which perhaps owes quite a bit to Essex?!

      • Geography Police February 29, 2016 at 12:16 am #

        Most people know that Essex cannot exsist within any London Borough and that Middlesex don’t exsist fullstop.
        Feelings ain’t facts, tho it’s a fact that people have feelings.
        Romford, like every other part of London, is unique. The Romford of today owes very little to the County of Essex. The town was part of Essex in the distant past. In the recent past, the present, and the foreseeable future, Romford is an important part of London.
        Essex is a naturally beautiful rural county, quite different from the highly urbanized east London town of Romford. There are towns and even a city (Chelmsford) in Essex, but they are not like London. We at HQ are not aware of anywhere in London where the streetlights are switched off at midnight, yet that does happen in Essex.

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