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25 Nov

Everyone has a story. Young entrepreneur Simon Wilson, 21, born and raised in Islington, is hoping to start a delivery service in the borough which will boost local businesses and make life sweeter for anyone with no time to go shop. Here he talks about how Islington has made him who he is, and his dreams for  Q&A with Nicola Baird from Islington Faces

Simon Wilson: ready to launch a new delivery service in Islington

Simon Wilson: ready to launch a new delivery service in Islington

Q: What part of Islington are you from?

  • I was born and raised in Islington. I grew up in Archway. I’d wake up every morning to go to school determined to make money and learn. During school we weren’t allowed sweets or fizzy drinks, and we never had more than £1.50. So I would go to Tesco and buy up multi-pack crisps for £1 and 2 for 1 cans of cola. I would sell it and buy more until eventually people were coming to me for treats and sweets. I even employed two of my friends for £2 a day.
  • I attended Highbury Grove School, I remember spending hours after school studying for exams and hours of music lessons, and then going to relax. Playing football with my friends was when I started to be really active.
Q: Where do you live now & what have you been doing?
  • I live in Essex but I am always at my mother’s house in Archway. I like Islington and the vibes it brings.
  •  I have been a chef since 16-years-old and have studied to achieve professional cookery levels 2-4. I’m currently completing a foundation degree in microbiology and food science.
Q: What do you think of Islington?
  • Islington is a great area to live in and there are many things to do. I believe that Islington need more power for small enterprises. I think that the more people who use small merchants for a job the more it does for the community.
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Q: What’s your business plan?
  • I plan to launch a delivery service that will start in Islington and expand throughout London. The delivery service will allow for affordable delivery to all of your local grocers, food store, restaurants and more. We want to build a platform that can connect you to all of your local shops where you can order online and have it delivered in minutes from ordering.  The best thing about it is that we will operate 24/7 so there is never a need to wait or complain.
  •  Delivery is a whole new industry being created and I plan on making it  happen in Islington. It all started when I finished work one day and was just to lazy to actually go to the shop. I thought to myself there must be a grocery shop that delivers, but there was none. I was really surprised. So that is how it all started.
  •  Hundreds of hour of research and development later I’m ready to create a company that provides instant jobs, boost sales revenues to small business and gives back to the community: we are it’s a unique name with an idea that makes sense.
Q: Why here? Why now?
  • Islington definitely needs this service because it is filled with working class people like me who just don’t have any time. Why not have a service like this?
  •  When you look around Islington you see your local butchers providing fresh meat for those Sunday roasts. Green grocers for the fresh veggies and international merchants. Not to forget that drunken kebab! Small businesses cater for the needs of every gender, and every race in Islington – that is why I feel my idea is built on promoting other small businesses. will launch later this month early December.  Just in time for Xmas… this will be our present to everyone in Islington.
Q: How to get in touch?
  • People can visit our website to contact us, at  or
  • We are looking to raise funds to grow the business, but that will be at a later stage (if anyone is interested they should just leave an email).
 Susan Oudot: “Milner Square is very unusual – the architects were the same ones who built what is now the Almeida Theatre (1837), Roumieu and Gough - you either love it or hate it.”

Simon Wilson who is about to launch a new business in Islington, where he grew up, is a fan of Upper Street and the Almeida Theatre.

Q: When you’re not busy with business what do you like doing?
  • My favourite things to do in Islington is to visit the local restaurants. I love Upper Street, especially Almieda Theatre and the restaurant next door – if I could go there every day I would.

To find out more about Simon Wilson’s new business or to contact him with questions if you are a potential supplier, driver, customer or investor go to

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